What Are the Best Cheap Rowing Machines?

Rowing Machines are quite popular today as it brings numerous benefits to the body. It is an ideal indoor work out machine that resembles a “rowing” action like that of a watercraft for either of the two purposes: to build or sculpt the body as it burn calories and defines muscles or to train or build rowing strength and efficacy in preparation for true outdoor rowing sport activities. For any of these purposes, Cheap rowing machines or indoor rowers, as they are commonly called, are indispensable for any user. If you are interested to buy a new rowing machine or replace your existing one, here are a few items that can be found at amazon.com at best prices and are the top cheap rowers ordered by many:

Best Selling Rowing Machines

For those on a budget of $100-$250, these are the five bestselling Cheap Rowing Machines available:

Stamina Body Trac Glider 10501. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine – priced at about $130, it has an electronic monitor that records the number of rowing actions that you have done and the corresponding calories you burned, as well as a full body workout that targets all muscle groups as it uses gas shock resistance. It folds easily and requires minimal storage space, easy to assemble, and handy to use.

Stamina 12052. Stamina 1205 Precision Rower – priced at below $165, this is a compact rower for those who has little space to spare in their homes. However, it delivers the same workout as any other rower, and has an electronic monitor that tracks not only the number of rows you have done, but the resistance, distance, time, and calories you have burned in the process. It uses hydraulic cylinders as resistance, as well as has a padded seat and handles, for maximum comfort.

Spartan Sports Magnetic Rower3. Spartan Sports Magnetic Rower – sold at about$170, this rower can handle users that weigh up to 220lbs and is equipped with a digital tracker like most rowers, with an extra of pulse rate/heart monitor. What is different in this rower is it 8 levels of resistance for an extra tough workout with the use of its hydraulic cylinders.

ProForm Cardio Glide Plus Rowing Machine4. ProForm Cardio Glide Plus Rowing Machine – priced at a around $180, this rowing machine uses your own body weight as resistance and offers both resistance training and a tough and thorough workout as it has 70 different exercises that target all major and minor muscle groups. It’s an easy to use cheap rowing machine, and is durable as well as provides comfort for its users. It also has an LCD monitor to track your progress.

Body Rower BRW20005. Body Rower BRW2000 Rowing Machine – sold at just over$200, this rower can accommodate users up to 6 feet and 5 inches and up to 250 lbs. It is easy to use, fold-able, and can let the user have a 360º arm rotation for that true rowing feel. In addition, its resistance can be adjusted and works against your body (i.e. muscle groups) to sculpt a lean figure.

These are the top choices for cheap rowing machines available in the marketplace. Any of them can work for you, but you must take time to evaluate each according to your specifications. If you are quite tall and has a few pounds, investing in a durable rowing machine can be a wise decision to undertake so that quality may not be sacrificed with the intent for lower prices. If you are quite the health buff or simply wish to track your success, buying a rower that has a heart rate monitor or digital tracker is good for you. For any of these choices, consider the ones states above, as they have been mostly used by many consumers. Price may not necessarily be sacrificed for quality, as in this case, cheap rowing machines are available, but deliver the same effects or maybe even more.

What Is a Magnetic Rowing Machine?

magnetic rowing machineRowing machines are one of the most sought-after exercise equipment that delivers a myriad of benefits to its users. Since the dawn of the popularity of water sports, rowing machines have been developed more efficiently than its predecessors. Indoor rowing itself has gained a rightful appreciation from the public as rowing is no easy task. The benefits of rowing would range from increasing strength and muscle mass, endurance, and an endless list of cardiovascular benefits. But did you know that there are different types of rowing machines? One of them is the magnetic rowing machine.

Generally speaking, rowing machines are divided into piston type machines, magnetic resistance type machines, air resistance type machines, and water resistance type machines. For a brief overview on two of these types, piston resistance uses hydraulic cylinders attached to the rowers which provided the needed resistance, while water resistance simulates real life rowing as it uses a rowing machine suspended in water. The focus of this discussion is the differences between a magnetic rowing machine and a air rowing machine.

A magnetic rowing machine utilizes a magnetic resistance generated by powerful magnets attached to the machine. One can say that these machines resemble a piston type but are more silent and adjustable for the user. The electromagnets attached are engaged into the flywheel of the machine, causing them to adjust the resistance as needed. Basically, its resistance can be adjusted to create the perfect workout according to your specifications, may it be a light fast workout or a slower harder one. One of its disadvantages however is that these machines are not compact built and its long rail cannot be folded, so one of the requirements before purchasing this type of machine is the availability of space.

On the other hand, air rowing machines are more popularly used because of its compact design and foldable properties. Most consumers use this type of machine as it can be stored in a smaller space in the house. On its working properties, air resistance machines use a flywheel braking system that is controlled by the airflow that passes through the machine. This implies that the faster you row, the more resistance you generate. Air resistance machines are often preferred as they can simulate actual rowing conditions depending on the type of boat used – a faster lighter one or a slower heavier one. In addition, these machines use your own body weight also as resistance making you work against yourself and producing better results. Disadvantages however lie in the noise generated by the flywheel and the long length of the machine. Manufacturers addressed this by using a damper in the flywheel to greatly minimize the noise and providing the foldable property of the machine to address length issues.

On prices, a magnetic rowing machine is often sold at a price range of $170-$1,600 while an air resistance rower is sold around $350-$700. In addition, beginners usually opt for the magnetic rowers but seasoned and competition rowers opt for the air and water machines as it allows more strength training. Whichever type of rower machine you use, all you have to remember is that it should be within your budget, your exercise needs, and the space available in your home. Also, choose the type of machine that can accommodate your weight and height, as there are machines that can accommodate up to 6”5 feet in length and 500lbs in weight. Take into consideration the type of workout you would want so that you can choose which machine provides an intense workout especially if you are already a competitive rower and may benefit from greater resistance generated. With these in mind, you are sure to choose the best rower machine for you.

What to Look For When Shopping for Rowing Machines

If you are thinking of buying an exercise machine that can give different health benefits, then consider rowing machines. If you have not heard of it or do not have enough information about its features, it can be hard for you to buy a quality one at a reasonable cost. Here is a quick guide for you to know what to look for when shopping for these machines.


Among the most important tips when shopping for exercise equipment is to set a price range. If you are planning to use it regularly, set aside a reasonable amount of cash so that you can get a high quality item.

Fixed or Folding?

Generally, there are two kinds perfect for home use. One is fixed, the other is folding. The latter occupies a lesser space. Based on some comments from users, fixed machines are sturdier and more durable but if you will use it indoors at home, folding is a better option. So it is very important that you predefine which kind of equipment you need to buy.

Other Kinds of Rowing Machines

The type of machine is yet another important thing to consider when buying one for your home. Three types are popular and these include the following:

  • A water machine uses water pressure to enhance resistance. This works very smoothly. But, it is heavier as compared to other machines and requires more for maintenance. The water has to be changed regularly.
  • A hydraulic machine uses oil to produce resistance. It is lightweight and very easy to store. Thus, it is generally the best choice for home use.
  • A magnetic machine is yet another good option for you. This makes use of magnets to get adjustable resistance, which makes it a lot more efficient. It is quiet and lightweight.
  • An air machine makes use of flywheels for resistance. The only disadvantage of this type is that it produces a very loud noise when turned on.

Check the Seat, Rower, and Sliding Track

rowing machine

Another very important tip when shopping for rowing machines is the assessment of rowers. They should be made of quality and long lasting materials and must have a strong hold to sustain operation. Also, the measurement of the track and seat can make a huge difference. Make sure to check on these things first before making a purchase to be sure that what you are getting is worthy of your hard earned money. If you can, try the machine first. If you’re buying online, check for reviews.

Choose from Popular and Quality Brands

Always prioritize quality over other factors. These brands have exceptional features and are very much reliable as compared to ordinary models from fly by night companies. Also, reputable companies have years of experience and can definitely attend to your needs later on. You are also sure that they are not scams. Also, reputable brands will always give a warranty of at least 2 years. Always get a product that is warranted.

Now you know what to look for when shopping for these machines. Happy shopping!

What are the benefits of rowing machine?

best rowing machineJogging is the most used exercise today. Some say that they prefer jogging rather than going to gym because they can easily feel that they are sweating a lot for a short period of time just by running few kilometers. Well, it’s true because all your senses and all parts of your body is moving and panting. Although jogging can make you sweat a lot, and you’ll feel that your whole body is getting tired, that does not mean that all the muscles are being toned. This is if you want to have a well toned and slimmer body. It’s not enough, right? And it is being said by professionals that if you want to have toned muscles, you have to try rowing. Rowing lets your entire muscles to contract through every movement that you are going to make. But of course, not all places have lakes or stagnant water in their vicinity. And that is the reason why creative people have invented indoor rowing machines, which you can bring in any flat surface.

The Benefits of Indoor Rowing Machines

rowing machineBest indoor rowing machines can be used by professional rowers who are into sports or a simple person who only wants to shape his or her body. Well, rower machine is a great alternative to live rowing. In fact, you can find numerous benefits in using rowing machines.

Rowing machine’s benefits do not only limit to one, two, or three numbers, because rowing itself has a long list of benefits that will surely encourage you to shape your body through this activity.

You won’t be needing lakes or any water surface to start your rowing exercise, just find a place where you can set-up your rower machine and then start the program that you have chosen. You can bring it to your own room, living room, or in your backyard, what really matter is you are somewhat comfortable while doing this activity.

Rowing machine gives you the real feeling of rowing with your boat on top of a water surface. So you won’t feel any difference between a machine and a live rowing. You can even manipulate the pressure of water in the machine. All you have to do is adjust the program in your rowing machine depending on what you need and what you can do.

Rowing machine benefits your weight loss program. Since rowing can make you sweat more than any exercise can, you can possibly loss 700 to 800 calories per hour. But of course, do not over exercise because you can also lose the calories that your body needs for the entire day. Remember that a woman needs 2000 calories a day and a man needs 2500 calories a day to sustain the energy that our body needs. You can read some great information about different exercise equipment on www.bestfitnessadvisor.com.

Rowing can also be very beneficial to your lungs. Since rowing is a full packed exercise, your lungs will surely become stronger than ever. Whenever you are engaged to an exercise, you are actually using your lungs more often because you breathe more to gather more oxygen in your body. Through this, your lungs expand like elastic rubber and become more efficient in filtering more air.

It can also be very beneficial to your heart. Heart disease is very common to someone who is lack in exercise. Fats are most common cause of heart failure because it blocks the veins in your heart. And by constant rowing, fats can be burn immediately, and the flow of blood in each of your veins can be smoother than before.

Rowing needs the entire muscles of your body. By this, you are rest assured that the muscles of your body will be toned down just like what you need and what you wish for. You are required to use the muscles in your arms, shoulders, legs, stomach, and back. Because you are using all the important muscles in your body already, you won’t need to do different work out for each part of your body anymore.

What’s good about rowing machine is you can monitor the beat of your heart because it has a monitoring device that you can wear in your chest to completely measure the pumping of your heart. And you can control everything just by pressing a button. For

If you are a busy person, then it is time for you to buy a rowing machine so that you can still have a rowing workout after your work.

Why competition rowers prefer air resistance rowing machines

Air rowing machineThe world of the rowing machine is a rich and varied one. There is so much information we need to equip ourselves with before taking the great leap to purchasing one.

To confuse us further there are four specific types of rowing machine to acquaint ourselves with, those with air, water, hydraulic or magnetic resistance. Is there a specific type to suit each individual? Is there a type of machine that will best suit me? The short answer is, it depends upon what you want from your rowing machine. Take for example the rowing machine offering air resistance. On the negative side, this can be a noisy machine due to the fan like air fins on the flywheel and the faster you row the more noise is created.

On the plus side however, there a numerous advantages in purchasing a rowing machine with air resistance. An air rowing machine offers a smooth row greatly appreciated by the rowing fraternity and is preferred by indoor rowing competition athletes.

With the air rower the machine adjusts to your level of effort automatically. The faster you row the more the air resistance increases. The noise can prove distracting or encouraging depending upon how you look at it. If you want to adjust the airflow, a damper is used and the feeling of the stroke is subsequently adjusted too. This function depends upon where the damper is actually positioned so that a high or low level resistance is achieved. When the flywheel is decelerated, speed sensors in the air rower are utilized to measure amounts of energy expired. The air rower matches good value for money with a sense of satisfaction that this is the chosen machine for the hardcore competition rowers!